Dear Friends,

It has been a difficult time for all of us. The pandemic has shaken everyone everywhere. I want to write to let you know that as a result of the new pandemic protocols for dental offices, I will not be able to continue working with Dr Fitzsimmons.

In order to maintain a safe environment to prevent further community spread our offices are now adhering to a protocol that necessitates letting our rooms lie fallow for a period of time prior to a strict disinfection routine.

In light of that Dr Fitzsimmons will need to utilize all the space in the office to ensure that he can continue to provide care in a safe and yet timely fashion.

While I am sorry to have to leave I understand the need to ensure that we do everything possible to assure the health of not only you but our staff and the community at large.

I have had a wonderful 40 year career and I am touched and honoured that you have allowed me the opportunity to know you and provide for you and your families dental health over this time.

We have shared so much, I feel that I am part of many of your families and I will miss you all.

I have been very fortunate to have turned the office over to a very professional and capable young man who will continue to provide you the best oral care possible for the next 40 years!

As I leave I know that my new normal will be full of the wonderful memories that you have given me.

All my very best to all of you, Elizabeth